ARNIKA Creme Forte

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About ARNIKA Creme Forte

​Die Creme enthält einen Blütenextrakt aus der Bergarnika, der stark entzündungshemmend und schmerzlindernd wirkt, um Verspannungen und Schmerzen sofort zu lindern. Ideal für die empfindliche Haut von Kindern und Senioren.

ARNIKA Creme Forte
ARNIKA Creme Forte Sale price€19,52








Pharmacy cosmetics manufactured according to high safety standards

The evolution of our innovative recipes

From the beginning, we have been committed to an authentic culture of wellbeing, developing effective, safe and affordable cosmetics, nutraceuticals and makeup products, always taking an ethical, conscious and sustainable approach.

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ARNIKA Creme Forte

​Bio-zertifizierte Creme zur Linderung von Muskel- und Gelenkschmerzen. Lindert die Beschwerden, ohne Wärme zu erzeugen.

100 ml Tube

The only phytocosmetic brand that counteracts stress, smog and skin aging with the powerful extracts of the Dolomites.
A scientific community united by the same professional ethics to offer people solutions for their beauty and well-being.
Innovative, high-tech medical products and dermatological cosmetics with a high level of tolerability.

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